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European Corse of Spine Radiology ECSR Cycle II – Module I

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Date(s) - 23 Mar - 26 Mar
All Day

Hospital Pedro Hispano e Porto de Leixões

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Welcome to the European Corse of Spine Radiology ECSR Cycle II – Module I

My dear Friends,

Let’s start back again.

The last ESNR – ESSR Joint meeting , the “European Course in Spine Radiology” ended just last year. We as European Society of Neuroradiology ESNR and European Society of Skeletal Radiology ESSR started this new Courses, with the aim to combine our experiences and knowledge about the Spine and the Spinal Diseases, thanks to an original winning intuition of prof J.van Goethem (from ESNR) and prof. F. Vanhoenacker (from ESSR). Despite the COVID pandemic, that prevented us to organize the Module 2 in presence, the Cycle I (module 1 in Rome and module 2 virtual) was a big success, with almost 300 Participants and International Tutors.

The “European Course on Spine Radiology” ECSR is based on a 1 cycle 2 modules basis (1 module per year), and people who complete the attendance and pass specific exams will receive the official European Diploma in Spine Radiology (EdiSR) recognized by the prestigious Union Europeenne des Médicine Spécialistes (UEMS). The II Cycle / 1st Module Course will be a 3-days event focused on Spine Anatomy, Biomechanics, Instability, Degenerative, Osteoporosis and Tumors. The Course will consist of daily lectures (totally 38), made by the most worldwide well-known Specialists, and 18 afternoon workshops (6 simultaneous groups, 3 different topics) for a total of 54 (!) workshops in 3 days: a final Exams (Q&A) for those who want to apply to the European Diploma in Spine Radiology (EDiSR), Diagnostic and/or Interventional (do both, why not?), will be performed at the end of the 3rd day.

And, as we never have enough… we added a special 4th day, fully dedicated to Spine Interventions: this fourth day is the “little brother” of our well-known ESNR Spine Full Hands-On Courses “Europe” and “Middle East” (see the ESNR website about the next). In one day we will show all the main percutaneous procedures (from injections to Augmentation, Tumor ablation and discectomy, etc) performed in 5-6 simultaneous rooms, from US-guided, Xray guided and CT-guided procedures, under the guidance of experienced international Tutors: I’ll have the honor to work together with Prof. J.Hirsch, the Past President of the American Society of Neuroradiology ASNR, prof. Dimitri Filippiadis and prof. Alexis Kelekis from Athens University, prof. A. Brook, from Montefiori Hospital, NYC, Prof. B. Georgy, from San Diego, University, all my ESNR Spine Subcommittee and ESSR Interventionists.

Our local Host will be prof. Ana Reis, the head dept of Neuroradiology Service of Pedro Hispano hospital in Porto, the most important hospital in the city. Ana is extremely active, she is the Leader of a high-level interventional group, and I’m sure she will make the difference in the result of the meeting.

Porto is a marvelous city, with so many direct flights from most of the European Countries, and is a magic place like all Portugal. The Conference Venue and the Pedro Hispano Hospital are really closed to the international airport, as well as the famous “WOW area”: the World Of Wine, an incredible new city-in-the city, with hundreds of smart hotels, fish restaurants, winery, pastry shops and more

I’m sure you will enjoy your time while staying in this marvelous Country.

Looking forward to meeting you in Porto

Prof. Luigi Manfre
Chairperson of Subcommittee Spine Neuroradiology, ESNR

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